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Although our Free in-person Meditation Classes are still on hold we have the following excellent on-line programs for you:

GRATITUDE: A FREE Meditation Class offered by the Garden of Light, Monday June 7th at 7.30pm on Zoom.
To register please email:

The Garden of Light offers FREE online workshops from time to time. Send an email to them for current information:

FREE on-line classes are held from time to time by Noble Learning:
Contact them to find out the latest information or to register.

Two new classes coming up are:
i) Meditation & Creativity 2: Writing.
Experience an intuitive flow as you write prose or poetry
Saturday May 1 at from 1pm to 2.30pm
ii). Meditation & Creativity 3: Music.
Clear your mind, open your heart and let the music flow.
Saturday May 8 from 1pm to 2.30pm

The following are examples of other recent classes:
1) Meditate on: Happiness
2) The Power of Concentration: Focus and Follow Through,
3) Meditate on Inner Silence
4) Breath with Purpose: Prana, Peace and Power
5) Meditate on: Gratitude,
6) Sports, Fitness and Meditation: Meet your Inner Athlete,
7). Meditation & Creativity 1: Visual Arts.

When classes resume they will be held at Annapurna Restaurant, likely on a Sunday.
Closest Subway stations: Dupont and Bathurst
One hour class with time for questions after

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