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FREE: Sri Chinmoy Meditation Hour beginning Sunday September 17 at 11am at Annapurna Restaurant, 1085 Bathurst Street.  Experience peace with silent group meditation, chants, reading and videos.

FREE in-person Toronto Meditation Courses are held from time to time, usually 4 weeks long, and also at Annapurna Restaurant, 1085 Bathurst Street.

There is convenient access to both Dupont and Bathurst subway stations and parking on Bathurst is free at certain  times of day.

Please complete the contact form below with your name and email  to sign up for these FREE sessions.

The following excellent  programs are also available:

The Garden of Light offers a one hour evening program in Ottawa with music, videos and writings of Sri Chinmoy. Send an email to them for current information:

FREE on-line classes are held from time to time by Noble Learning:
Contact Noble Learning to find out the latest information or to register.


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